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What we do

As our goal is to optimize the travel experience of every student, we set up pilots in close collaboration with partners through a triple helix network. Curious how it works? Keep on reading!

Flytz knows how stressful your first weeks after your arrival can be

How it works

Moving to a new place, meeting new people, arranging all practical matters and… getting around in a new city. As student cities are vibrant places with numerous innovative mobility options, Flytz helps you get around and introduces you to all available modes of transportation in your new hometown without any hassle.

Flytz bundles all modes of transportation in one simplified app!

Users can search for routes, book, and pay for them. In addition to public transport services, shared mobility services such as bike-sharing, cars-haring and e-mopeds are also integrated.

Together with our partner Moves, we offer you one app that enables you to use all modes of transportation that are available in your city.

You do not need any other apps or cards: the app gives you access to all forms of public transport and shared vehicles with one billing method. This means you can use your credit card or a dutch debit card.

Download the Moves app and create a personal account in a few simple steps.

Flytz does not only provide you with an easy, fun and user-friendly travel experience; we want to give you a warm welcome by actively introducing you to your new hometown. Are you already familiar with all the hotspots in Rotterdam? Flytz has got you covered!