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Flytz is a start-up, born from a social initiative; for and by students. Our mission? Building a community in which the freedom of choice of the student is central. We do this by setting up local pilots where Flytz experiments with new forms of travel products and travel experiences for and for students. This allows Flytz to focus on optimizing the travel experience of this target group.


Flytz was founded in 2021 by (former) students Joost Wilmink, Daan Peeters and Renske Wytzes based on the philosophy that there was room for innovation within the student travel product. While their own travel preferences have changed significantly in the five years that they studied, shared bicycles and shared scooters have become immensely popular among fellow students and the student travel product has remained unchanged for more than 30 years. The solution was found in a Mobility-as-a-Service concept for students: one central app that allows students to plan, book, pay and use any form of sustainable mobility based on a personal budget.

Joost Wilmink

Renske Wytzes

Daan Peeters

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