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Who should I call in the event of an application failure?
If the Moves app does not work, you can contact customer service, which is available 24/7. Contact details can be found in the app, then customer service will help you further!
What hours of the day can I use the travel product?
This depends on the carrier you use. Most shared carriers are in any case available between 06:00-01:00 (some even 24/7, this may differ per city). To travel by public transport, you depend on the scheduled journey times.
What is meant by the student travel product?
Every student in the Netherlands who has student finance is entitled to the student travel product. With the current travel product, students can travel for free in public transport for a period of 5 years, either during the week or at the weekend.
What should I do if my travel budget is exhausted?
If you run out of travel budget during the pilot, you can choose to increase your budget by buying extra budget. You can then travel at your own expense. At the end of the month you will receive an invoice with a travel overview.
What is Moves? What is the difference between Flytz and Moves?
Moves is the app that Flytz uses for the pilot. Flytz is researching a new student travel product and Moves is an application that brings shared transport together.
Why is it free to join the pilot?
Students participate in a survey in which they have indicated in advance that they will not use the student travel product via their OV-Chipkaart in the months of April, May and June. As a result, all participants receive a free budget for 3 months to use public transport, shared bicycles, shared scooters and shared cars.
Do I get an overview of the trips I have made?
Yes! At the end of the month you will receive an overview of your trips. If you are curious about your usage or how much budget you have left during the month, you can find this under ‘My Account’.
Can I continue to travel if my monthly budget is exhausted?
Yes, that's possible. When you enter your payment details, you can continue traveling at your own expense when your travel budget is used up
Can I also use my budget outside of Rotterdam?
Yes, that's possible! You can use your travel budget via the Moves app throughout the Netherlands, as long as connected mobility providers are available.
I have complaints about the product. What should I do?
If you have complaints about the product, you can contact customer service. After submitting your report, you will be contacted to see how we can help you.
How do I park with the shared transport that I use?
This differs per carrier. You can find this for each part of the carrier on their website. In addition, this is also indicated in the Moves app!

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